Achievements of Agricultural Extension Division
  • On Farm Testing (OFT): A total of 6125 technologies of various crops/animal science/enterprises were assessed at 20759 locations by KVKs through conducting of 34432 trials on the farmers’ field to identify their location specificity under different farming systems.
  • Frontline Demonstrations (FLD): In order to demonstrate the production potential of technologies of agriculture and allied sectors, as many as 2.44 lakh frontline demonstrations (FLD) were conducted with the participation of farmers on various crops, livestock and other enterprises. These demonstrations include 83090 FLDs on pulse crops and 56064 FLDs on oilseed crops.
  • Capacity Development of Farmers, farm women, rural youth and Extension Personnel: To upgrade the knowledge and skill of farmers, farm-women and rural youth, the KVKs organized 60672 various types of training programmes benefiting 16.82 lakh farmers including farm women and rural youth. Similarly, knowledge and skill of 1.16 lakh extension personnel were upgraded through 3948 training programmes.
  • Farmers’ participation in extension activities: The KVKs conducted large number of extension activities (10.95 lakh) with the participation of 183.66 lakh farmers and other end users to create awareness among them on improved agricultural technologies developed by National Agricultural Research Systems (NARS). 
  • Production of Quality Seeds: 20100 tone quality seeds of improved varieties of cereals, oilseeds, pulses, commercial crops, vegetables, flowers, fruits, spices, fodder, forest species, medicinal plants and fibre crops were produced and provided to farmers.
  • Production of Quality Planting Materials: The KVKs produced 348.01 lakh quality planting materials of elite species of commercial crops, vegetables, fruits, ornamental, medicinal and aromatic crops, plantation crops, spices, tuber crops, fodder and forest species and made available to farmers.
  • Production of Quality Livestock Strains and Fingerlings: As many as, 409.06 lakh fingerlings and other livestock strains and improved breeds of cow, sheep, goat, buffalo and breeding bull were produced and supplied to farmers.
  • Testing of Soil, water, plant, manures samples: In the light of the initiatives of Govt. of India for Soil Health Management as a part of Natural Resource Management in the country, the KVKs tested 5.99 lakh Soil, water, plant, manures samples of the farmers and provided advisories accordingly.
  • Pulses Seed Hubs: A total of 39648.14 quintals seed of pigeon pea, black gram, green gram, lentil, chickpea, field pea and lathyrus were produced through 97 seed hubs setup at KVKs and made available to the farmers.
  • Skill Development: In all, 15222 Rural Youth were trained by conducting 761 National Skill Qualification Framework aligned Skill Training Programme with funding support of Rs. 14.35 crore from RKVY scheme of DAC&FW.
  • Attracting and Retaining Youth in Agriculture (ARYA): Districts under ARYA project has been increased from 25 to 97 during the year. 1949 agro-based enterprise units were established benefitting 3790 rural youth. Skill training was given to 6487 rural youth pertaining to 13 broad group of agro-based enterprises.
  • National Innovations on Climate Resilient Agriculture (NICRA): Climate resilient technology packages of crops and livestock production systems were demonstrated in 151 villages of 121 vulnerable districts of the country under the Technology Demonstration Component of NICRA. During the year, 16355 demonstrations were carried out under NRM module covering 12453.93 ha area; 25325 demonstrations on crop productions technologies covering 9061.34 ha area; and 48846 farm animals were covered under vaccination, demonstration on feed supplementation, etc. under livestock and fisheries module. KVKs organized 1644 training programmes on climate resilient agriculture involving 42655 farmers. A total of 4367 extension activity were organized to create awareness on successful climate resilient practices and technologies benefiting 80684 farmers.
  • Farmer FIRST: The project is under operation in 51 centers under ICAR and SAUs spread over 20 states of the country. A total of 25227 participatory demonstrations were conducted under different modules viz. NRM, Crop production, Horticulture, Livestock production and IFS; 1218 extension programmes were organized; and 65461 farm animals were benefitted involving 109627 farm families.
  • Mera Gaon- Mera Gaurav (MGMG): In all, 126 institutions including ICAR institutes and SAUs implemented MGMG programme.  A total of 1329 groups of 5149 scientists carried out different activities in 5615 villages benefiting 696109 farmers.
  • Continued functioning of 47 Agricultural Technology Information Centres in ICAR institutes and SAUs.
  • Organized 757 capacity development programmes for updating the technical knowhow of KVK personnel.