Central Avian Research Institute

  • MakeFeed Poultry and MakeFeed Dairy available with Operational Manuals – the least cost feed formulation software for poultry/dairy feed industry – highly user friendly and simple.
  • Technique of in ovo injection of nutrients during incubation to achieve better post-hatch growth, gastro-intestinal tract development and immune response in broiler chickens, highly suitable for hatcheries.
  • Technology for preparation of copper-cadmium alloys filling for determination of nitrite and nitrates. Technology is suitable for research laboratories in various universities /private sector engaged in R&D activities related to physiology.
  • Value-added Products:
    Egg Products -Albumen Rings, Egg Rings, Stuffed Egg, Stuffed & Enrobed Egg, Egg Strips, Egg Waffles etc.
    Meat Products - Chicken chankalona, Spent hen meat block, Chicken cutlets, Mixed meat pellets, Chicken gizzard snacks etc. Suitable for unemployed youth to set up food marts.