Indian Farming Special Issue on Doubling of Farmers' Income by 2022

  1. Checking rural migration through enhancing farmers income and improving their living conditions
  2. Selected integrated farming system models for enhanced income
  3. Initiative and option in transition for doubling farmers' income
  4. Agri-voltaic system: crop production and photovoltaic-based electricity generation from a single land unit
  5. Doubling farmers' income by 2022: pathway and strategies for wheat producers
  6. Rice-based cropping systems for enhancing productivity of food grains in India: decadal experience of AICRP
  7. Crop diversification: an important way-out for doubling farmers' income
  8. Agroforestry for doubling farmers' income: a proven technology for trans-gangetic plains zone of India
  9. Pulses as a candidate crops for doubling farmers’ income
  10. Strategies and technologies for enhancing rapeseed-mustard production and farmer income
  11. Double purpose linseed: a viable option for doubling farmers' income in the north-western Himalyan region
  12. Organic linseed (Tisi) farming: a step towards doubling farmers’ income
  13. How to double farmers' income in sugarcane-based cropping system?
  14. Vegetables intercropping with autumn planted sugarcane: a step towards doubling farmers' income in Indian sub-tropics
  15. Impact of mitigation technologies on rainy season pulse crops from climatic abnormalities
  16. Doubling rural farmers' income through goat farming in India: prospects and potential
  17. Backyard poultry farming with Vanaraja and Srinidhi: proven technology for doubling the tribal farmers' income in Nagaland
  18. Bringing degraded land to agricultural use impact of soil and water conservation activities and integrated approach
  19. Agricultural land use planning an effective means of enhancing tribal farmers' income in Asom
  20. Spring water-harvesting system can double the farmers' income in hilly areas
  21. Doubling farmers' income: possible way out