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Welcome to NASF

Governance & Management

NASF Board (Empowered Committee)
The NASF Board (Empowered Committee), the apex body of governance of NASF is constituted and approved by the Hon'ble Minister of Agriculture, Government of India. Its constitution is as following:

External Members
a) An eminent agricultural scientist as the Chairman
b) Three to four subject matter experts
c) Two representatives from other scientific research funding agencies

Ex-Officio Members
a) Director General, ICAR
c) Director, NASF/ ADG (Member Secretary/ Convenor)

The ‘Empowered Committee (EC)’ or ‘NASF Board’ is the apex body responsible for the governance of NASF and for all policy decisions including the matters of finance and administration, required for efficient execution of the objectives of NASF towards achieving its vision. The Director/ ADG is the Chief Executive officer of the NASF. He will be the Member Secretary/ Convener of the NASF Board. The Director/ ADG will report to the Director General of ICAR for administrative purposes.

The NASF Board (Empowered Committee)
1. Empowered Committee (EC) will have a tenure of three (3) years.
2. EC will guide the policy, governance and priorities for funding.
3. EC will make need based modifications in Rules and Procedures while adhering to the guidelines in the EFC
    document of NASF.
4. EC will evaluate and approve projects above 5.0 crores.
5. EC will ratify projects up to 5.0 crores approved/ recommended by the Experts Committee.

The Constitution of present Empowered Committee


Dr. Panjab Singh, Former Secretary DARE & Director General, ICAR, Pusa, New Delhi - 110 012


Director General, ICAR, Krishi Bhavan, New Delhi - 110 001

Dr. Rakesh Tuli, Executive Director, National Agri-Food Bio-Technology Institute (Biotechnology Deptt.), Mohali (Crop Science)

Dr. M. P. Yadav, Former Vice Chancellor SVPUA&T, Modipurum (Animal Science)

Dr. Gajendra Singh, Former Deputy Director General (Engineering), ICAR, New Delhi (Agricultural Engineering)

Dr. C. Prasad, Former Deputy Director General (Agril. Extn.), ICAR, New Delhi (Social Sciences)

Dr. Sanjay Kumar, Director, CSIR-IHBT, Palampur (CSIR Representative)

Dr. A. K. Rawat, Advisor, DBT, New Delhi (DBT Representative)

AS & FA, DARE/ICAR, New Delhi

Convenor/Member Secretary

Assistant Director General (ADG)/Director, NASF (ICAR), KAB - I, Pusa, New Delhi - 110 012

Past Chairmen

First Chairman: Dr. C. N. R .Rao, Chairman, Scientific Advisory Board to Prime Minister of India
(25th November 2005 to 31st March 2010)

Second Chairman: Dr. Mangala Rai, Former Secretary DARE & Director General, ICAR
(01st April 2010 to 23rd December 2014)

Experts Committee
1. Expert Committee will be constituted by the NASF in different theme/ broad areas based on the guidance of
    Empowered Committee/ Director General (ICAR) and approved by the Director General, ICAR.

2. Expert Committee will be screening Concept Notes, evaluate full proposals and approve/ recommend projects up    to 5.0 crores. Screening of concept notes and evaluation of projects will have other supporting mechanism as     devised by the ADG, NASF (includes ICAR and experts outside the committee).

3. Chairman(s) of 'Expert Committee' will be available to EC/ DG (ICAR) for further clarifications for the recommended/     approved new projects, if EC/ DG desires so.

4. Annual presentations of the projects will be made before the Expert Committee(s) along with the chairman(s) of     the ‘Advisory’ committees (optional).

5. Need based linkage of foreign scientist(s) / laboratories will be encouraged only in rare cases. Experts from foreign     may also be invited if required.

6. Experts committee may recommend need based additional fund for projects during the review meeting in     consultation with the ADG/ Director, NASF.

Advisory Committee
1. The ‘Advisory Committees will be constituted by the ADG/ Director, NASF.

2. Individual ACs will be available for each project.

3. ACs may recommend additional fund of Rs1.5 lakhs to NASF within the approved budget for consideration during     midterm evaluation/ monitoring.

4. ACs will be evaluating, monitoring and reviewing the project once in a year. Besides it may visit laboratory/ field     /sites in consultation with NASF office.

5. Chairman(s) of ACs may participate during the annual review meetings of the projects, based on requirements.