Intellectual Property &Technology Management (IP&TM) Unit

Assimilation of IPR dimensions in research management has become absolutely necessary in R&D institutions. Accordingly, ICAR has its Guidelines for Intellectual Property Management and Technology and a decentralized three-tier IP management mechanism is institutionalized in ICAR w.e.f. 2nd October 2006.  This system was implemented through XI Plan scheme viz. “Intellectual Property Management and Transfer/Commercialization of Agricultural Technology Scheme”. This scheme has contributed to developing an IP environment in ICAR. Its implementation has led to increased IPR-filing (patents, plant variety rights, copyrights, trademarks, etc.). Based on the encouraging lessons learnt during the XI Plan, the scope in the proposed XII Plan scheme is considerably enhanced. The enhanced scope is thus given the new name, ‘National Agriculture Innovation Fund’ with three components viz. Component I: Innovation Fund (the XI Plan Scheme of Intellectual Property Management and Transfer/ Commercialization of Agricultural Technologies); Component II: Incubation Fund (Supporting Agri-business Incubation Centres in institutions developing agricultural technologies); and Component III: ARYA (Attracting and Retaining Youth in Agriculture),which implemented through Extension Division of ICAR. Objectives of NAIF Component I (Innovation Fund)

  1. To promote creativity and innovations in ICAR institutes;
  2. To strengthen the institutional mechanism to protect/manage innovations/intellectual properties (IPs) generated within the ICAR/NARS system;
  3. To understand and attempt as necessary a vigil on infringement, improper exploitation and abuse of the intellectual assets belonging to ICAR/NARS;
  4. To augment capacity building in IPRs and technology transfer/commercialization dimensions;
  5. To manage new knowledge as per principles in ICAR’s new and implemented guidelines/policies.

Component II (Incubation Fund)

  1. To establish/transform agri-business Incubator centres as leaders in NARS that would provide technology and skill up gradation, inputs supply and market support leading to promotion of viable enterprises and sustainable employment to entrepreneurs;
  2. To undertake last mile scale-up from pilot level of value chain in collaboration with stakeholders;
  3. To explore and support appropriate technologies including grassroots’ innovations that are vital in future for an accelerated growth and competitive technological leadership;
  4. To impart training and capacity building to prospective entrepreneurs; generate value added manpower to compete effectively; and
  5. To provide seed money support to potential incubates/entrepreneurs taking up promising innovations or technologies.

Set up The Intellectual Property and Technology Management Unit in ICAR is oversees all matters related to intellectual properties and technology transfer/commercialization. ICAR recognizes that a systematic management of its technology products and services whil